Buffalo Springfield

1. On The Way Home [N. Young]
2. It's So Hard To Wait [R. Furay/N. Young]*
3. Pretty Girl Why [S. Stills]
4. Four Days Gone [S. Stills]
5. Carefree Country Day [J. Messina]
6. Special Care [S. Stills]
7. The Hour Of Not Quite Rain [R. Furay]
8. Questions [S. Stills]
9. I Am A Child [N. Young]
10. Merry-Go-Round [R. Furay]
11. Uno Mundo [S. Stills]
12. Kind Woman [R. Furay]

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1 ©Broken Arrow Music Corporation (BMI)
9 ©Broken Arrow Music Corporation, Richie Furay Music, Springalo Toones, and Ten-East Music (BMI)
[fonte: Neil Young Archives Vol.1, Reprise Records]