Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

1. American Dream [N. Young]
2. Got It Made [S. Stills/N. Young]
3. Name Of Love [N. Young]
4. Don't Say Goodbye [G. Nash/J. Vitale]
5. This Old House [N. Young]
6. Nighttime For The Generals [D. Crosby/C. Doerge]
7. Shadowland [R. Ryan/G. Nash/J. Vitale]
8. Drivin' Thunder [S. Stills/N. Young]
9. Clear Blue Skies [G. Nash]
10. That Girl [S. Stills/J. Vitale/B. Glaub]
11. Compass [D. Crosby]
12. Soldiers Of Peace [G. Nash/C. Doerge/J. Vitale]
13. Feel Your Love [N. Young]
14. Night Song [S. Stills/N. Young]

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1, 3, 5, 13 ©Silver Fiddle Music
8 ©Gold Hill Music, Silver Fiddle Music
14 ©Gold Hill Music
[fonte: American Dream, Reprise Records]